Chatham Fire Subscriptions 2022

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. I haven’t received my subscription bill yet, where is it?

A. In December of 2021, the Chatham County Commission voted to fully fund Chatham Fire Department, Fire Operations effective January 1, 2022.  As such, subscription mailings have stopped and you will no longer receive annual subscription invoices.   Going forward, the amount due will be on your property tax statement that comes from the County.  Rest assured that properties in our service areas are protected in the event of a fire and no action is needed on your part.

Q. Are there going to be refunds?

A. At this time, CES is working closely with county officials to work through the details of this funding transition.  Refunds are anticipated at some point after July 1, 2022, but the exact date of issue and proration structure have not yet been finalized.

Q. Am I protected if the fire department is called? I do not want a large response bill.

A. Yes, everyone in Chatham Fire’s service area is covered and you do not need to worry about any large bill if the fire department is called to your house/business.

Q. How much will the new fee/tax be and when will it be sent out?

A. At this time Chatham County is reviewing various methodologies to be effective on the summer 2022 property assessment notices.

Q. My Home Owners Association (HOA) paid for this historically, what is going to happen?

A. Some HOAs have included fire protection for their residents.  However, you need to contact your HOA specifically regarding the future change.

Q. My insurance agent needs a copy of a paid valid subscription. What do I tell them?

A. As Chatham County is fully funding the fire department, there are no more individual subscriptions, nor is “Proof of Fire Protection” needed.  Please have your agent call us and we will be happy to update them on these changes.  Our business office number is 912-354-1011.

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