Frequently Asked Questions: Fire subscriptions are no longer required. Learn more HERE.

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Chatham Emergency Services

A community owned Non-Profit organization which provides both Fire and EMS services to Chatham County since 1961. We respond to more than 74,000 Fire and EMS calls per year.

Our History

Fire Subscriptions 2022

In December of 2021, the Chatham County Commission voted to fully fund Chatham Fire Department, Fire Operations effective January 1, 2022. As such, subscription mailings have stopped and you will no longer receive annual subscription invoices. There are still many questions to be answered as the new system evolves. Stay up to date with the latest information available by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page below.


OUR Mission

To protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community with pride, professionalism, and compassion


To continue to be the most competent, trusted, and valued fire and EMS provider for all Chatham County citizens and guests.

Board of Directors | Board Meetings

Chatham Emergency Services has a page dedicated to providing the public with information. Learn more via the link below to view our latest Board of Directors documents and stay in the loop with upcoming changes and approvals!

We are here when you need us

Chatham Emergency Services is a community-based not for profit Fire, EMS and Firewatch department providing emergency service to all of Chatham County.

Volunteer Fire Departments began offering services in Chatham County as far back as the 1930’s. Five volunteer agencies merged and incorporated in 1961. Today, Chatham Emergency Services is a community-based not for profit Fire, EMS, and Firewatch department. CES is committed to providing the highest level of emergency service to all of Chatham County. Fire protection from the department covers 245 square miles with over 120,000 people and emergency medical response covers 630 square miles with a population of 276,000 people. CES operates with a team of 450 personnel, both paid and volunteer, exemplifying safety and protection “for the community, by the community.”