Do you need a dedicated ambulance on standby for your event? We can do that for you

Special Events

There are two types of Standby services:

  • Non-Dedicated Standby
    This crew may be utilized for emergencies at the event as long as the incident is within their specific coverage area. If the unit receives a call for an emergency unrelated to the event, they will depart to handle the call and return to the standby event when the call is completed. There is no charge for this type of standby request.
  • Dedicated Stand-by
    An ambulance crew will be dedicated solely to the standby event and will not leave for other calls. If the crew transports someone from the venue, every effort will be made to reassign another crew to the event until the original unit returns.  Arrangement for payment will be made prior to the time of the event.

Special Event Request Form

Please note that Fire Trucks can only be requested in Chatham Fire coverage areas.
Non-dedicated events will utilize on duty units that may need to be pulled based on call volume and availability. For a dedicated standby you will be contacted regarding rates and payment method.
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