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The online store for Chatham Emergency Fire will be online and ready for the upcoming year’s stipend. This site can be used for all basic Fire and EMS uniforms. Once ordered, the employee will receive a text that their order is ready for pickup.


In order to set up the account for spending, the employee will need to navigate to the site using the buttons above. Once there, click on “Sign In” in the top right, then “Create Account”. Complete the account creation form. Once the account is set up, it will not immediately be able to process payment for the order until the system generates the stipend credit. Once it does, the employee will receive an email showing the amount and certificate number for the stipend.

Once the first purchase has been made and the stipend certificate number has been input, it will track the remaining balance. Any purchases in excess of the stipend can be made using a valid credit card.

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Questions or Problems?

You can contact Bahama Joes for questions or problems with your account by calling: 912-233-0060