The Benefits of Fire Subscription

Southside Communities Fire Protection, Inc., d/b/a Chatham Fire Department is a private not for profit, subscription-based fire protection service in Chatham County. We are a highly rated, insurance services office (ISO) class 2/2x fire department (10 being the worst rating as it means no fire coverage at all and “one” being the best possible rating). A subscriber receives ISO class 2/2x protection whereas a non-subscriber receives an ISO class 10 rating. Non-subscribers pay higher premiums for homeowner`s insurance. Being a subscriber will significantly lower your insurance premium and save more money than the cost of your subscription.

Additionally, mortgage lenders require fire protection to ensure their interest in the property is protected, and non-subscribers risk violating their loan agreements. Chatham County property tax does not include fire protection services. However, Chatham County residents enjoy lower property taxes than the incorporated areas.

Fire Subscription: How to Apply for Service

From the home page, select “Pay Fire Subscription Bill” then under “Become a Subscriber” select “Learn More”.

For Residential Subscribers: Residential subscribers must accompany their application with a copy of their homeowner’s insurance declaration page. Your subscription date will coincide with the date of your application for billing purposes.

Residential premiums are based on the most recent county appraised property building value as shown on the Chatham County Board of Assessors website. You may access your building values by going to:

For Commercial Subscribers: Commercial subscribers must accompany their application with a property insurance declaration page. You may obtain an application by contacting our office at (912)354-1011 or by email at

Payments: We accept all forms of payment; however, cash payments are only accepted at our administration office at 1399 Dean Forest Road Savannah, GA 31405.

Delinquency Policy: Residential accounts will be assessed a $25 reinstatement fee if not paid prior to the fire protection expiration date. Commercial accounts will be assessed a 5% late fee of the current balance after the fire protection policy expires. After 30 days the late fee will increase by 1% of the current balance each month until the paid in full.

Refund Policy: Chatham Emergency Services fire protection is non-transferable and non-refundable. Chatham Emergency Services has a no refund policy; however, we will allow exceptions when the following criteria are met:
    a. Current year’s payment already paid in full.
    b. Property sold & closing complete.
    c. The subscriber must submit a letter of request for refund to include the forwarding address along with the closing settlement statement (HUD-1). Upon receipt of the new owner’s payment and meeting criteria listed above, we will refund the remaining months of the fire protection term. This calculation will be from the date of notice and must be within 30 days after closing to the end of the fire protection term.


If you are interested in volunteering in the division where you live, we would like to hear from you!


We are always accepting applications for our Firefighter/ EMT/Firewatch positions.  

Disclaimer: The above signed hereby applies for membership in the Southside Communities Fire Protection, Inc. with the understanding that upon the acceptance of this application, which is NON-TRANSFERRABLE, and NON-REFUNDABLE, the property listed below will be entitled to the services provided by the Chatham Emergency Service insurance rates cannot be issued until the full annual fee is paid. Please view the Subscription Privacy Policy

Chatham Fire Application for Subscription