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Chatham Emergency Services/EMS and Firewatch has many services to offer. Whether you have a need for a single firewatch officer to cover a specific event, or are looking for a team of firewatch professionals to handle the day-to-day operations of a large corporate business, Chatham Emergency Services/EMS and Firewatch has a program designed for you. 21 dedicated personnel oversee the daily operations in accordance with MARSEC Laws and monitor for changing safety conditions. Each of our officers receive multi-faceted training at the highest level available enabling our security forces to offer more to our customers than any other service in the area. Our firewatch professionals can custom tailor operations to fit any need and provide service with highly trained personnel who have a strong sense of duty to you and your community. If you would like more information concerning Chatham Emergency Services/EMS and Firewatch Services, please contact our local office at (912)354-1011.